Do you ever feel like Entrepreneurship is the loneliest job in the world, that a better name might be Solopreneure?

Many entrepreneurial tradesmen have brilliant ideas, and do incredible things, but some feel like they are being held back by something, something is keeping them from realizing their potential.

Of those that have no written goals and objectives, only 42% acheive them. Of those that write down their goals and objectives, 60% acheive them. Add accountability to those written goals and objectives, and the acheivement percentage jumps to 76%.

By simply adding the discipline that accountability provides, a company can improve their success rate by as much as 34%.

Becoming part of a peer Advisory Group like GoodProfitGroup might be that something that is missing

More businesses fail from lack of discipline than any other reason, including cash flow or lack of work. A Peer Advisory group adds accountability, which inevitably leads to discipline. Discipline being the foundation of Stewardship.

Are you satisfied with where your following metrics are at?

Profit Margin

Return on Investment

Retained Earnings

Cash Flow

Employee Retention

Project Win/Loss Ratio

On Time Delivery

Work-Life Balance

Personal Salary

Children's College Fund

Retirement Funding

Debt Situation

Are you as confident in your business skillset as you are in your skills as a Tradesman?

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. - Proverbs 27:17

Empowering Tradesmen to Succeed

There are groups like GoodProfitGroup all over the planet, but the vast majority are focused on the CEO role for large organizations, not for the tradesman, craftsman, and manufacturing business sector. GoodProfitGroup was created specifically for this segment of the market, without the restrictive criteria that would prevent the vast majority of tradesmen companies from participating in this powerful framework for growth and success.

A Peer Advisory Board and/or Mastermind Group can provide the sounding board you have been looking for, a group of like minded individuals who can challenge you to take your business to the next level. Being part of a peer group that is committed to lifelong learning and idea exchange; while fostering an environment of trust, respect and confidentiality for the group members provides the accountability necessary to implement the discipline so many of us lack in our lives.

Add strategic tools like the GoodProfitGroup Dashboard app, Custom Cabinet Planner app, the Decision Framework of Theory of Constraints, and many other planning and organizational tools and you have a potent combination for personal and business development.


of Peer Advisory Board and/or Mastermind Group Members attribute significant improvement in their leadership abilities to the Accountability a Peer Group provides.


of Peer Advisory Board and/or Mastermind Group Member Companies outperform other companies in their industry. 


Peer Advisory Board and/or Mastermind Group Member Companies experience increased profitability compared to their non-member industry peers. 

As three dimensional beings, we need to live a balanced life that nourishes each of those three dimensions. Mental, Physical and Spiritual.

“This is the most important thing that you can know about your identity: You are an unceasing spiritual being with an eternal destiny in God’s great universe.
- Dallas Willard

Frequently Asked Questions

Both a peer advisory board or mastermind group gives you the perspective you need to make better decisions.

A "peer advisory board" is made up of up to 12 like minded, non-competing business owners or key players that meet two half days per month to share ideas, discover and plan for areas in their business that need improvement, hold each other accountable, and encourage one another to conduct business in a God-honoring way, led by a seasoned business leader and coach. The objective of a peer advisory group is to grow your business and yourself in a community of accountability. It’s like having a confidential, private advisory board to troubleshoot problems, vet ideas and identify blind spots to help each other succeed.

A “mastermind group” is almost identical to a peer advisory board in structure with one exception, and that is that they meet for one hour per week rather than two half days per month.

A peer advisory board or a mastermind group can serve as a trusted space to receive unbiased feedback on topics like finances, marketing, sales, personnel, or products/service launches.

All of GPG’s virtual boards or groups are very exclusive and intimate in size with no more than 12 members on each board or in each group. This ensures ample time is provided at each meeting to each and every member to address issues and opportunities, discuss progress and solicit advice and suggestions from fellow members.

A new group may start with as few as 4 members, and on occasion a group might be split into two groups, and grow back to the optimal 12 as quickly as possible.

All national (virtual) boards and groups meet online in a virtual conference room. Peer advisory boards meet for approximately 3 hours (twice each month). Mastermind groups meet for an hour each week.

Once associate chair groups launch, the associate chair will have the option of building an online national group, or a local group that will meet at a local meeting place (i.e., corporate board room, event venue room, etc.). Associate chairs may also choose to build both types of groups.

Your GPG virtual or local board or group will be led by a GPG chair or associate chair. All GPG chairs will have a wide variety of professional expertise, and will also be business owners. They will have been trained to lead and facilitate business owner advisory boards and/or mastermind groups, helping to draw out issues and facilitate clarifying questions, suggestions, ideas and advice.

They will also be business coaches who help businesses just like yours achieve personal and business success using GPG’s methodology, systems and state of the art app.

For a peer advisory board meeting or a mastermind group meeting, your GPG chair will assist the selected member prepare their report for their designated meeting. This helps make sure the discussions are always high level.

GPG peer advisory board members set aside two half days each month to meet with their group and work on their business, not in it. That means they make time to tackle the big-picture plans, as well as the issues that may be holding them back. During the meeting, they help each other vet ideas, troubleshoot strategies and find solutions together.

GPG mastermind group members set aside one hour each week to accomplish similar objectives to a peer advisory board member.

All discussions are 100% confidential. Meetings are facilitated by a GoodProfitGroup mentor (GPG Chair) who uses time tested tools, resources and methods for keeping the conversations focused and productive.

At most meetings, your GPG chair will run a topic specific workshop to help members generate new ideas to apply to their businesses.

GPG peer advisory board CHARTER members can schedule up to two 1-hour coaching sessions per month (included in their monthly dues). Additional coaching sessions are billed at the published rate on the chair calendar.

GPG peer advisory board members can schedule one 1-hour coaching session per month (included in their monthly dues). Additional coaching sessions are billed at the published rate on the chair calendar.

GPG mastermind group members can schedule 1-hour coaching sessions, but they are billed at the published rate on the chair calendar.

Monthly peer advisory board member coaching sessions with your GPG chair will begin by focusing on commitments made at the last board meeting, after that is covered, keeping in mind that these sessions are designed to provide ongoing support, you can ask for further guidance and resources to achieve your goals and objectives. The session can adjust to your pressing needs, issues or challenges that you want to discuss with your group chair. The last couple minutes will be devoted to praying for the member, the members family, church and business.

Although members commit to attend their weekly and/or monthly meetings, urgent issues do arise from time to time. If you are unable to attend a board/group meeting, you need to let your GPG chair know. Your seat is held for you, with the expectation that you are able to attend 80% of all board/group meetings.

No, part of the application/screening process is to allow existing members to deny new members from joining their group where a conflict of interest exists. This will guarantee no competitors join a group unless the original member agrees to having a competitor in the group.

If you are participating in a virtual board or group, you will need access to the internet with good connectivity. You will need a camera and microphone on your desktop or laptop and be in an interruption-free environment. There will be a virtual conference room phone number you can call for audio if you don't have a microphone and/or speakers on your device.

As far as membership goes, although we hope you will stay throughout the rest of your career in a trade, everything in GPG is month to month. You’re under no obligation to continue if you have a change in your business situation or if you aren’t happy with the value you’re getting. If at any time you need to leave your board or group, we would ask that you provide a 30 day notice so we can attempt to fill your seat at the table.

As far as participation goes, our members are business owners and/or key players of companies who meet the following criteria:

  • Can commit uninterrupted time to the time frame of the groups weekly or monthly meetings
  • Can pay the monthly dues without being a burden on the company
  • Commit to give as much as you get (share your wisdom and experience with other members)
  • Commit to hold and be held accountable for stated goals and objectives
  • Commits to attend at least 80% of meetings or relinquish their seat at the table
  • Commit to maintaining confidentiality

Charter Members are companies that joined prior to 11/01/2020, so were part of the founding of GoodProfitGroup. The benefits for Charter Members are different for the two group types, but are as follows:

Mastermind Group:

  • First dibs on Associate Chair positions as they come available.
  • Bragging rights (they were here when the company and groups were founded).

Peer Advisory Board:

  • First dibs on Associate Chair positions as they come available.
  • Bragging rights (they were here when the company and groups were founded).
  • In addition to the pre-scheduled 1 hour of one-on-one Coaching-Mentoring-Brainstorming sessions per month that are included with Peer Advisory Board membership, Charter members have the option of scheduling a second 1 hour one-on-one session to cover whatever topic or challenge they would like to cover.

Click here to apply for membership. You’ll receive a phone call from your group chair. After we talk about the membership criteria, you can decide if you’d like to attend your first meeting for free.

I'm Convinced! What Next?

Step 1. Apply for Membership

Submit details about you, your experience and your company.

Step 2. Introductory Call

Someone from GoodProfitGroup will schedule a time to review your application and discuss GoodProfitGroup membership criteria.

Step 3. Qualification Process

Your GoodProfitGroup chair will determine membership qualifications and Peer and/or Mastermind Group fit.

Step 4. Attend Meeting as Guest

Sit in on a weekly or monthly meeting as a guest with no obligation to join.

Step 5. Join a Group

Begin your process of making more money now and in the future.



  • Meeting Frequency
  • Meeting Length
  • Location
  • Facilitated By
  • Business Size

Peer Advisory Board

$250 / month

  • Meeting Frequency Twice Monthly
  • Meeting Length Half Day
  • Location Video Conference
  • Facilitated By Group Chair
  • Business Size < $1 million

Peer Advisory Board

$300 / month

  • Meeting Frequency Twice Monthly
  • Meeting Length Half Day
  • Location Video Conference
  • Facilitated By Group Chair
  • Business Size $1 - $2 million

Peer Advisory Board

$350 / month

  • Meeting Frequency Twice Monthly
  • Meeting Length Half Day
  • Location Video Conference
  • Facilitated By Group Chair
  • Business Size > $2 million

Mastermind Group

$199 / month

  • Meeting Frequency Once Weekly
  • Meeting Length 1 hour
  • Location Video Conference
  • Facilitated By Group Chair
  • Business Size All